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Friska - An innovative outlook on technology



Friska has always prided itself on pushing the commonly accepted boundaries of what is possible in a restaurant, with a mission to redefine how a breakfast and lunch restaurant makes you feel.

For Ed and Griff, the founders of Friska, the way the food is served is just as important as the food itself. And as young entrepreneurs, they were determined to invest in the latest technology in order to make sure Friska’s service is as memorable as possible.

The strategy adopted has always focused around being an engaging, customer-focused, brand. Making customer-led decisions that ensure Friska is as convenient and efficient as possible for its clientele is important. This being the case, it is no surprise that customer data collection, online ordering and a branded loyalty app have always been the end goal for Friska.


The level of technological complexity Friska was looking to achieve, by integrating online ordering and a loyalty app, meant the right choice of till POS system (point of sale) was imperative. Friska was keen to source a system that was clearly focused on enabling integrations and a partner that was able to understand their vision.

Friska’s brief was clear. The team required a flexible, scalable solution that would deliver real time reporting whilst being user friendly and efficient. The interface needed to be intuitive: making it easy to upload new data and efficient for everyday use.

Eposability was shortlisted and brought on board to deliver an end-to-end solution, from initial consultation to delivery, training and after-care. We have now successfully implemented an innovative yet cost-effective, iPad based POS system, iKentoo, with the versatility and scalability to meet their changing needs.


Friska continues to invest in the latest technology and has only this month launched their very own loyalty app. The challenge for Eposability was to ensure this new App Integrated directly into their new Point of Sale system, iKentoo, to allow customers to build up points directly against purchases.

Loyalty initiatives are nothing new, and have been possible for years using stamp or swipe cards. What is innovative however, is the seamless integration of a customer-facing app to the very latest iPad based POS system. This has the effect of opening up a number of doors to functionality never really seen before, helping to drive sales and increase customer satisfaction.


Friska can now not only reward customers immediately against what they have purchased, but also send in-app promotions specifically to clients depending on their behaviour. With the POS integrated to the loyalty app, Friska is able to know exactly what their customers have purchased, where and when. No longer are marketing campaigns generic across all customers, it’s possible to have customer-specific promotions pushed directly to the app depending on their behavioural habits.


Another advantage of having an app on the customer’s phone is the chance to get genuine, accurate, customer feedback. The app allows customers to give real-time feedback on their ‘Friska experience’. Something that Ed and Griff are extremely keen on utilising to get a real picture of how the chain is performing across the board, and slowly but surely making incremental improvements to the customer experience.


The next project on Friska’s horizon is an online ordering platform. As a restaurant that services the busy working population of Bristol, it is imperative they provide a frictionless experience to their time-strapped clientele.

An online ordering platform is an obvious next step to further improve their already efficient operation. Offering clients the chance to simply click and collect. No queues, no waiting and a better experience all round.

Of course, in-keeping with the overall vision, this will be integrated to the Point of Sale system too. Allowing for the quickest and very best level of service.


Each part of Friska’s ‘IT solution’ is innovative in its own right, but perhaps the most innovative part of all is Friska’s outlook. They don’t consider these technologies as disparate, but instead part of an IT ecosystem. Finding technology partners who are able to tie these solutions tightly together using the POS as a central point is key and Eposability has worked hard to tailor-make a service to meet the needs of the business.

By ensuring that these various solutions are integrated to the POS it means:

  • Friska is able to identify customers through several channels in one central location. Tying consumers directly to transactions in an information-rich database that makes targeted marketing easier than ever.
  • The brand experience is consistent no matter how the customer interacts with the business. Whether you order online, use the Friska app or are just eating in-store, the experience doesn’t change.

The benefits of fully integrated, flexible IT solutions are enabling Friska to future-proof their business and adapt to changing market conditions. Eposability is excited to be involved in developing an innovative bespoke IT ‘Hospitality Ecosystem’ to help support operational excellence.