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Everything we do focuses on your bottom line. Our tech choices reflect this.

Our starting point for selecting the right hospitality technology for your business is based on two fundamental qualifiers: does it drive revenue or can it reduce costs? We are obsessive about providing technology that fulfils one or both of these. By resolutely using this as our ethos we can be unwavering in our confidence that we're delivering the absolute best in technology. Tech that delivers detailed actionable data to prompt valuable growth-driving insights. Tech that guarantees ROI and catapults your growth.

What we provide

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We spent one full year testing, selling and implementing 15 different iPad POS solutions. This one consistently came out on top with immaculate results. Now we recommend nothing else but this market leader. iKentoo allows the integration of all other solutions and has enabled us to center it as our core solution, around which we've developed a whole suite of growth-driving hospitality technology.

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Key Features

  • TableComms
    Tableside ordering

    Turn tables faster and reduce wait times. Become truly mobile with handhelds enhanced with the functionality of a fixed POS. On the move – in any e

  • Works offline
    Works offline

    Whether your internet slows down or drops completely, our iPad POS works seamlessly regardless - eliminating downtime entirely.

  • Employee management
    Employee management

    Track staff clock in/out times and receive consolidated reports on working hours, enabling you to accurately monitor wage costs.

  • Multi-site management
    Multi-site management

    Change items, prices or even entire menus across multiple sites with one click from a centralised back-office. A true multi-site platform that also

  • Kitchen display systems
    Kitchen display systems

    Improve the flow of orders by replacing printed tickets with a user-friendly screen display. Monitor production times and ensure efficient operatio

  • Inbuilt loyalty
    Inbuilt loyalty

    Build a strong and loyal customer base with engaging loyalty features that help identify exactly who your customers are and rewards them for return

  • Stock Management
    Stock Management

    Guarantee availability and reduce waste by keeping track of your stock in real time.

  • Reporting app
    Reporting app

    Keep a firm eye on results with vital reporting functions that tap into operations data to support and steer your growth plan. All done from your p

  • Open API
    Open API

    Streamline and customize your operations with easily integrated market leading add-ons.


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Learn More About Our Restaurant Management Software

Our intricate knowledge of iPad POS and our clients' need for a complete restaurant-specific back-office solution was the starting point for our development of this comprehensive restaurant management software. Your growth path is firmly supported by the centrally controlled hub that establishes a clear and accurate view of your operations. Designed as a best-practice tool, it allows you to accurately control your stock and cash up processes. Like all of our solutions, Opsimize is cloud-based and is also seamlessly integrated into the iPad POS, equipping you with an affordable and proven tool to manage and scale your business.

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Key Features

  • Supplier management

    Cut costs with easy price comparisons; efficiently manage multiple suppliers and order sizes. Nurture supplier relationships and improve budgeting

  • Purchase Orders

    Create a clear and controlled workflow for ordering, allowing you to seamlessly interface with your accounting package.

  • Delivery management

    Improve stock management and budgeting with a full overview of deliveries, partial deliveries and supplier prices changes.

  • Stock takes

    Tighten up your restaurant management stock control with a concise overview of your stock levels across all sites at any time. Access accurate vari

  • Wastage control

    Understand where you are losing money with accurate wastage reporting. record and categorise wastage of raw ingredients, production and menu items.

  • Recipe builder

    Easily create your recipes whether they have multiple nested recipes, batch products or several levels. Then easily review them in one convenient l

  • Dish costings

    Sharpen your margins with intelligent dish costings. Get real time margins on menu items and weighted average cost based on current prices of ingre

  • Cash up

    Reduce errors and simplify cash handling with accurate and audited records of takings to bank, on-site cash and till discrepancies that preserve da

  • Deposits

    Record deposit payments and redemptions in one consolidated view. To ensure you're always aware of your outstanding liability.

  • Reporting app

    Access instant insight into your bottom line with actual monthly and year-to-date gross profit compared against forecasts, VAT reports for sales an


Learn More About Our Wireless & Guest Wifi

We have obsessively applied the lessons and knowledge that come from working with UK corporates to select exceptional wireless technology that delivers a completely scalable and remotely managed restaurant wi-fi system. Our mastery of providing dependable wireless infrastructure to accompany our iPad POS is proven to support the growth of ambitious hospitality businesses of any size. From the small independent to large leading retailers like Mothercare.

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    restaurant enterprise software

Key Features

  • Guest Wi-Fi

    Capture customer data and boost satisfaction with reliable Wi-Fi that won't slow down your corporate network.

  • Cloud controlled

    Reduce set-up time and profit from simplified, centrally driven administration to seamlessly manage your company-wide restaurant Wi-Fi system.

  • 100% uptime

    Eliminate costly downtime. Real time reporting and remote troubleshooting ensure consistent uptime.

  • Remote support

    Fuel revenue with improved service levels and productivity. Cloud-based remote support promises faster fixes and future-proofing updates.

  • Issue alerts

    We can pro-actively monitor your network with issues alerts. Which means we'll be fixing a problem before you even know that there is one.

  • Reporting app
    Customer analytics

    Gain important insights and capture valuable customer data to grow your audience through tightly targeted marketing and increased customer engageme

  • Complete IT management

    By managing your network for you, we assume responsibility for ensuring that your technology works. The buck stops with us.


Guest Wifi
Learn More About Our Bespoke Apps

A shared obsession with driving business growth was the starting point for our close relationship with 5Loyalty. Together we developed this flexible restaurant online-ordering and loyalty system that pushes your revenue and increases audience engagement. Equipping you with a fully brandable bespoke mobile app with seamless iPad ePOS integration. With a clear focus on transforming data into insight, this system empowers you to catapult your business growth at a palatable price.

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Key Features

  • Inbuilt loyalty

    Push sales, boost transaction value and turn customers into loyal fans with your customized loyalty scheme. Easily reward referrals and celebrate s

  • Order ahead

    Increase return visits by eliminating waiting times with secure on-line ordering.

  • TableComms
    Order at table

    Streamline your ordering process by taking the strain away from your wait staff. Allow your customers to order at their table whenever they're read

  • Book a table

    Accurately synch your booking system with reservations made via the app.

  • Feedback

    Steer product development and boost performance with fully flexible feedback forms. Access valuable responses and relevant data in a daily report.<

  • Coupon redemption

    Drive revenue and track marketing campaigns with unique coupon codes.