We are technologists, obsessed with driving the growth of hospitality businesses.

EPOSability launched over a decade ago. Back then, we provided traditional IT support services to a large UK retailer before focusing entirely on hospitality technology.

As we grew, we saw the void between the growth goals of ambitious business owners and the hospitality technology they used. They knew where they wanted to go but were frustrated at being sold the wrong technology. Tech that needed to be replaced whenever they grew. Tech that left them blind to operational problems. So they couldn't see where they were wasting money and how they could increase revenue.

We evolved to bridge that gap. And now challenge the perception of technology as merely a tool - an output to fucntion. We elevate leading hospitality technology to sit alongside expert insight as essential growth drivers. The former producing the latter to illuminate exactly what you need to do to catapult your expansion.

With this as our ethos, we extract all we've learned from successfully running hospitality businesses and mesh it with our insatiable curiosity for finding the absolute best in technology. To produce critical insight on your business and guide you to your growth goals by cutting costs and driving revenue.

Our Values

Obsessed with impact

We obsess over every inch of our clients’ businesses to discover what's needed to drive their growth. From our tech team, who meticulously orchestrate the seamless installation of the system, to our client growth partners, whose focus is locked on the bottom line.

We feed the ambition of all

From our clients to our internal team, we focus strongly on what drives individuals and businesses. We explore how they can achieve their objectives and ambitions. Then we help them get there.

Natural-born technologists

We are the masters of hospitality technology; consistently inquisitive and knowledgable on what’s new in the tech world. We live to investigate and solve problems with technology.

One step ahead

We are always on the front foot. From our leading command of technology, to the way we handle clients. It's something we are fiercely proud of.

Determined to grow?

Our team

We're built on a team of experts. We exist to see what you have missed. To dissect your operations and discover what you need to do to drive your growth. Our combined experience gives us a deep-rooted understanding of the challenges and opportunities our clients face.

Robbie Francis

Managing Director

A strong history of using the latest technology to solve real-world challenges in retail and hospitality. Founder of EPOSability and a true technologist.

Ideal dinner party guests:

Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Elon Musk

Dream Client:


Most valuable lesson:

When you don’t have a timetable, you’ll never be late, and when you don’t have a destination, you’ll never get lost.

Joshua Smith

Client Success Director

Working in early stage businesses with a ruthless operational focus on delivering what they promise. Josh drives our obsession with creating impact to accelerate our clients' growth.

Ideal dinner party guests:

Barack Obama, Adele, Sir Clivewoodward

Dream Client:


Most valuable lesson:

You’ll always be rewarded for doing a great job. It might not happen straight away. But it will.

Nathan Moorhouse

Head of tech success

On the Team since the beginning, Nathan is a true techie at heart. A perfectionist firmly focused on making everything work seamlessly.

Ideal dinner party guests:

Harry Kane, Craig David, Conor McGregor

Dream Client:


Most valuable lesson:

Better to fail by aiming high than succeed by aiming low. Aim so high that even failure is a success.

Sam Phillippe

Growth Partner

10 years working in some of the UK's biggest, most profitable and most exciting restaurant chains. Sam is unquestionably the authority on restaurants

Ideal dinner party guests:

Jimi Hendrix, Neil Armstrong, Richard Branson

Dream Client:

Breakfast Club (I love the pancakes)

Most valuable lesson:

Look after your people and they will look after your customers.

Beth Haldane

Growth Advisor

Ideal dinner party guests:

Judy Dench, Jimmy Carr, Duncan Bannatyne

Dream Client:

Jamie Oliver’s

Most valuable lesson:

Life is 10% what happens to us, and 90% how we react to it

Rich Wyatt

Tech Advisor

Ideal dinner party guests:

David Attenborough, Kanye West, Seth Rogen

Dream Client:

Flat Iron

Most valuable lesson:

Success is a direct result of working together

James Ellis

Tech Advisor

Ideal dinner party guests:

James Franco, Cara Delevigne, David Beckham

Dream Client:


Most valuable lesson:

Imagination is as important as knowledge.